In the beginning...

Bart Kofoed founded 2XSALT and loves the phrase “Let’s get busy”, but he wasn’t always in Ministry nor been busy in the best ways. Growing up rough as youngest of 5 sons, he was also busy as a gym rat playing ball at the Boys and Girls Club and in city parks, or wherever he could find a competitive game.

Bart always envisioned what others wouldn’t — or couldn’t about him. As a 5th round draft pick, he defied the odds and played nearly 6 years in the NBA for 4 different teams. He was busy guarding “Clyde the Glide” Drexler and “Magic” Johnson in the NBA playoffs. Problem was, for years getting busy pulled him down as well making him more infamous than famous. He was busy being banished from the Utah Jazz for decking a teammate.

The Call

Only when he harnessed his gifts did the freest of spirits start pursuing a vision of a different kind. On December 13, 1998 Bart surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and began a new birth transformation that seemed very unlikely if not impossible to those who knew him. For the next 5 years Bart found himself in the wilderness of seeking what the Lord was always grooming him to ultimately do and be.

In 2003, Bart freely gave up chasing dead-end dreams and a corporate business career to launch 2xSalt Ministry. A non-profit organization that strives to breakdown cultural stereotypes, race, social and economic barriers and build bridges between diverse people and communities by the Cross of Christ. 2xSalt uses sports, mentoring, music, and outreach as relational vehicles to share the Gospel and bring God’s people together.

Today…and Tomorrow

Bart is leading 2xSalt Ministry in some of the most challenged communities in Charlotte. There is much to say about Bart, some good, some bad, often full of nuance, but this much is sure: he very much likes to get busy.

While connected throughout the Charlotte area to those in need and others called to serve, 2xSalt is anchored on a 30-acre campus in west Charlotte intentionally placed as a community asset for Ministry. This ministry story is still being written today through the incredible team at 2xSalt and the many volunteers that support its mission and vision.