A glimpse of everyday Ministry at the 2xSalt Campus! 

Mission Statement

Inspired by scripture Matthew 5:13-16, 

"To be Salt and Light..." through relational ministry,

2xSalt strives "2-X-ALT" the Lord in all we do.

Our Vision...

  We are a non-profit ministry intentionally centered in West Charlotte that is dedicated to breaking down cultural stereotypes, race, social and economic barriers while building bridges between diverse people and communities by the cross of Christ. 2xSalt uses sports, music, outreach and relational vehicles to share the Gospel and bring God's people together.

We are so blessed to be STEWARDS of this great ministry and the building where we serve! It takes an entire CITY to contribute to the success of impacting our community so we welcome volunteers and financial support .  Please prayfully consider giving to 2xSalt. Thank you!

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